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The Wojanów Palace The Bear Cave. Kletno The Śnieżka Mountain The Radochowska Cave

Explore the enigmatic beauty of Lower Silesia


Do you want to escape the everyday turmoil? Are you looking for a place to spend green or white vacation in the silence of forests and meadows? Do you want to learn the secrets of medieval castles and renaissance palaces, watch a knights tournament, ride a dog sled, delve into the labyrinths of Wallonian gold mines, nazi bunkers and adits? Do you love long mountain walks, unforgettable sights and wild nature?

Take your backpack, gather your family and friends and head to the place where trails lead to snowy mountain tops, extinct volcanoes, extraordinary rock formations, torrents, emerald hollows, magical caverns, hidden treasures, romantic stronghold ruins and unsolved mysteries from the past.

Conquer Lower Silesia with a backpack and our map full of attractions

Lower Silesia seems to be one of the most mysterious corners of Europe with its torrid history around which revolved numerous legends, myths and mysteries of the past. Ancient culture stones, treasures possessed by powerful orders, rites of Walloon peoples, mazes of underground cities, Nazi buildings from World War II, uranium mines built by Russians and the gold of the Third Reich fire imagination of contemporary adventurers. The most prominent asset of our region is a cultural and religious amalgam created throughout centuries that constitutes an inseparable part of its identity. This historical melting pot was the place where the fates of numerous European nations intermingled. The artefacts these nations left behind correspond to the unique nature and rich cultural heritage of Lower Silesia. Gothic castles, knights' strongholds, fortified settlements of the Piasts, Baroque churches, Renaissance palaces, picturesquely situated old settlements, old parks, resorts and hostels are awaiting you.



European Art of the 15th – 20th c.

New permanent gallery

Opening - 10 December 2012

Pieter Brueghel the Younger, Agnolo Bronzino, Cosimo Rosselli, Raphael’s father Giovanni Santi, Lucas Cranach, Francisco de Zurbarán  and Wassily Kandinsky: these and other masters of European art will be featured at the newly-arranged permanent gallery of European Art of the 14th – Early 20th c. which will re-open at the National Museum in Wrocław after 20 years of absence.


  • fot. M.Bartosik
  • The Wojanów Palace
    fot. L. Bartosik
  • The Bear Cave. Kletno
    fot. T. Gmerek
  • The Śnieżka Mountain
    fot. L. Bartosik
  • The Radochowska Cave
    fot. D. Bartoszewski

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